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AquaPet.com is the single location on the Internet that provides its customers with specialization in Marine Water Aquaria and the convenience of "AquaDrops"!

AquaPet.com provides the hobbyist with value on the Internet. When dealing with aquatic animals there is a level of care that is overlooked in this industry time and time again. This is NOT the case at AquaPet.com. We have over 30 years of experience and the quality of our livestock, products and service show it. AquaPet.com delivers the quality this industry demands. AquaPet.com believes this is a science, not just a commodity! Our sole purpose is to provide the aquarium hobbyist a place to rely on for useful information and healthy livestock at the best prices. Click here to visit our online store.  Call or email for free aquarium or fish advice.

Visit our Shipping & Guarantees section - you'll save on shipping charges (NO SHIPPING) if you can make use of one of our AquaDrop locations.

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AquaDrop Locations

AquaPet.com delivers "overnight shipping" to 48 States and is now serving several Northern California and Southern Oregon counties with our "AquaDrop" local delivery service.

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Design, Installation and Maintenance

AquaPet.com specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of aquariums in the Greater Bay Area. You can purchase an aquarium directly from us, or if you already have a setup we can provide periodic maintenance services. AquaPet.com offers sales, service, setup, fresh & saltwater livestock, delivery, aquarium and aquatic life care information. Special orders welcome! Click here to email us.